Flyone Aviation Solutions Joint Stock Company (Flyone) a supplier of aviation products and services in Vietnam and overseas, built and led by a team of experts with many years of experience and leading reputation in the aviation field, travel, accommodation, transportation, information technology, brand communication, distribution channel development...

Flyone provides an accessible, easy-to-use, comprehensive solution that allows partners and customers to access various sources of air tickets, hotel rooms, travel programs, etc. from suppliers.


To become the leading aviation solutions provider in Vietnam including airline representatives, air charter business, B2B travel services platform.


To provide superior and overall aviation, travel & transportation solutions from a different perspective. As a service company, our main purpose is to please our customers and with dedication, kindness, and commitment to the quality, values provided.


  • With our 20 year-experience in the Vietnam market can help lower the risk to enter and succeed.
  • Minimize operating cost: By offering a combination of GSA (Passenger & Cargo), Sales & Marketing, Airport Operations, Ground Services Supervision services.
  • Meet your operation and business objectives in the market
  • Give you more brand exposure in the Vietnam market
  • Sustainability of standards and business in the Vietnam market

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